L’azienda Made in Italy il cui fiore all’occhiello è l’utilizzo dei filati tecnici

The Made in Italy company whose flagship is the use of technical yarns


Spring walks briskly towards the warm season, it's time to put away the winter clothes and renew the look. Starting with the outerwear, an essential garment for style and comfort.

Unity , a company that boasts the timeless charm of Made in Italy design in the outdoor world, is an icon for elegance and design. The pride of the company is the use of a technical yarn, with perfect weights, with which it produces professional and high-end garments.

The careful study of the dedicated Unity team on materials is never separated from the research that makes each garment a fashionable garment.

The new Unity Spring/Summer collection offers outfits with an all-round "futuristic" touch: simple but elegant lines combined with the unique experience of super techno - wearable clothes.

A high standard of wearability, by virtue of which the everyday wearer of a Unity garment becomes comfortable ; minimal and essential cut designed to highlight the status and combining it with style. Seams, cuts, concealed zips for a contemporary look with an urban flavour, and a rich range of fabrics with which the company has created the entire collection.

In fact, the company pays particular attention to fabrics both from the point of view of sustainability and comfort, guaranteeing high functionality, aiming to satisfy every type of need with garments that improve performance by offering breathable and waterproof fabrics. EVERYDAY PERFORMANCE.

To date, UNITY is positioned at a higher level both in terms of material and style, growing by 30% in the last year. In the future, the goal will be to touch the German, Austrian, French and Spanish markets, through the transformation of the line into an eco-sustainable one, with recyclable fabrics and yarns deriving from the disposal cycle.

A company in step with the times, therefore, which lives the present with an eye to the future. That of fashion and that of the planet.