L’uniforme outwear contemporanea secondo Unity

The contemporary outwear uniform according to Unity


Hyper-clean designs and a constant research and development process are the core of the creative philosophy of Unity , a Made in Italy brand that has decided to carry out an unusual operation for an emerging brand: to combine multidisciplinary design, production and development of materials in a single narrative arc that concludes with the final product – a hyper-minimalistic but also hyper-performing outwear that wants to become a contemporary uniform . A synthetic vision of fashion whose codes are a reflection of the innovative way of conceiving one's target: « Each of our potential customers is seen as the set of their daily and work commitments that can be raised to a new level of style and performance », as the founders of the brand explained to us. The word "performance" is recurrent - because the concept of performance is always central to the life of the brand:

« The creation of high-performance fabrics and a minimalistic and hyper-functional design arises from the specific need to create the perfect product that offers sports-level performance but dressing like a fashion item. In an inflated market like that of fashion, study, passion and research make the real difference ».

A type of creative process in which technique and design coexist – leaving room for cross-sector collaborations that only serve to make the product even more versatile and transversal: «During our creative briefs, we usually involve some unconventional figures for a brand of clothing, such as architects and engineers ». Figures that, in fact, are at the same crossroads of aesthetics and functionality that Unity explores. The final goal is always a product « transversal in the different possibilities of use ». But the role that technical research has in the production of the brand's collections cannot be underestimated: « 60% of Unity's investments in R&D are focused on innovative materials to be used for our garments », explained the founders. « We have a dedicated team that constantly studies, creates and tests garments with different uses and characteristics. For the selection of prototypes we have a protocol divided into various phases through which we select and check every single material. Each test cycle lasts from 6 to 12 months, after which we decide which fabric will have final approval to go into production ».

The philosophy that the founders of Unity follow is simple: « the obsessive attention to details that range from the seams, to the cuts, to the structures to be given to each garment ». A type of attention which, however, does not exclude further creative flights – just as the founders now say they want to devote themselves to the real needs of people from all over the world , they nevertheless recognize that « needs change and are constantly updated », which for example has led the brand to produce a more classic type of outerwear towards minimalist techwear, nor are future evolutions excluded. Speaking with the founders of the brand, they briefly discussed producing, further on, « tailored creations with technical fabrics and our exclusive production ». For now, however, the focus remains on the precision of the designs, the longevity and durability of the materials and a final product that is preparing to simply become a new classic.